Monday, August 24, 2009

Immediate Considerations

Immediate consideration # 1
This is my new sister friend Shari, she is exactly where I was four months ago. Shari is a new member of the "Lefties", and I'm calling out all "Prayer Warriors" on her behalf. The "Lefties" is a club that no one wants to be a member of. We are a group of people with
"DYSTONIA", capital letters and bolded. Dystonia is a rare neurological movement disorder of which symptoms and indications are individualized to it's subjects. I call us the Lefties because left to it's own, (no pun intended) our neck muscles will twist as far as it can twist to the left, threatening to either snap off or propel us into the horrific scene where Linda Blairs head just spins in circles! Of course, hopefully that couldn't happen, but it's exactly what it feels like. She goes for her first treatment tomorrow, please pray for her to have peace that passes understanding, faith and hope. She will be fabulous, she just doesn't know it yet. It's a hard place to be, I remember that place, it is dark and painful. If you would like to read about her experiences, check out her blog at:
Please jump on over there and give her some cheer.
Immediate Consideration #2
Come on everyone, Cup Cake DD is having a "Circus Swap" and today's the last day to sign up! So come on, sign up, it's going to be a blast!
If nothing else, check out her blog, it is so delightful! It doesn't get yummier than this!!!

Immediate Consideration #3
My mother in law is coming for a visit.
We pick her up from the airport on
Saturday and my husband has been as giddy as a five year old for two weeks.
Why is this an immediate consideration? Because, the nest needs a serious cleaning and since the move I haven't been able to organize my kitchen cupboards to save my life! And like all dutiful daughter-in-laws, even after twenty-three years of marriage, I want to assure my mother-in-law that her baby is being adequately cared for. Underwear starched, check... LOL! It will be fine, honestly. My mother-in-law and I are actually very lucky in that we have quite a nice relationship now.
Ok, that's it. Duty calls and I don't even have my shower yet. Let's see...a few more things...I miss me some Mitzi, I'm praying for Shari, and...Oh, I almost forgot, I spent the weekend being crafty...working on the little o' swap stuff for my little Gypsy Mermaid swap partner...OOOH Sarah, I think your really going to like your surprise! I'm going to tease you with some mysterious pictures later, just to inspire a little excitement. For now...Go and be well blog land citizens! I wish you a day of blessings!!!

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